infinite figures

Our story

Who is infinite figures?

Infinite Figures is a clothing brand that was started in 2020 by our Founder & CEO Bill Ellis Jr. Our brand spreads the message through fashion and apparel that you are forever wealthy & which means that you are always worth something to yourself. 

How did we start?

The way infinite figures started was with just a pencil and a notebook. Our founder wrote names, designs, logos, and plans before he created anything physically & release it to the public. Before he started making huge actions he brought this idea of a clothing brand to our Co-founder and then the skies were the limits. Once we figured out our first design we started a Gofundme, purchased supplies and equipment, started building a team, and kept a strong belief in our mission. 

Our mission

Our mission is to spread love, unity, and motivation to everyone around the world. Currently, we are moving towards that mission by supporting and giving back to the community around us and we look to expand more and more as time goes on.